KT19 9SY

Michael & Janet

Mike & (Beverley)

Peter, Sandra,
(Richard & Jack)

Stephen & Christine

(Peter), Maureen,
(Bradley) & Callum

Ron, Allison, Grace,
Sydney & Nell

Derek & Sheila

KT19 9TF

Ramon & Carol

Nick, (Corrine, Ewan)
& Maxine


Ian & Sarah

Stephen & Caroline

Eddy & Yvonne


Following the success of the Golden Jubilee event in Belfield Road 10 years earlier, another, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee was floated by Caroline and picked up by Eddy and Stephen. A smaller affair was decided this time, based around the group of neighbours 'at the end of the road', together with other residents who have become friends over the years.

Organisation was kept informal, just occasional chats to resolve where, who and what? The frontage of 92 & 94 was chosen for the location, tentative invites and enquiries made, and food ideas co-ordinated. The day started fine and two gazebos were quickly set up in front of no 94, with a couple of trestle tables for food and a few chairs. Soon, more furniture appeared and in no time, we had a venue. Then guests, with a wonderful selection of food & drink arrived and everyone got chatting - the party had started. Rain was always expected, but things were well under way by the time it arrived. Some extra umbrellas were erected, we all huddled closer and carried on stoically.

The desserts had been laid up under cover, at the rear of 94. By the time we were ready for them, the temperature had dropped and the rain worsened, so everyone migrated towards the puddings - and stayed there. A 'log fire' was raised and the party continued in a 'slight' haze of smoke. But we saw the day out relatively warm and dry, and in good company. Another successful day!


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